Business Income

This is our best Business Plan for our associates

Investment : Minimum $10 to Unlimited

Bidding Wallet Lottery

Direct Income : 10%

You will get 10% of your Sponsor Top-up Amount.

This income will credit immediately in your Main Wallet.

No capping on Direct

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Bidding Wallet Lottery

Matching Income : 10%

You will get 10% Matching income of your left & right business.

Ratio will count 1:1 till unlimited depth.

2 Direct compulsory,First in Left and Second in Right.

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Bidding Wallet Lottery

Lottery Income

You play the and earn the money each day.

There is 12 Numbers on which you can Bid by your amount.

Winning Number will get 10 times of your bidding amount.

Company will also pay double amount of your winning amount after 20 days.

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Note :

  • All Amount will be credit as 50% E-Wallet and 50% B-Wallet.
  • Winning Amount can be use after 3 days of credit date.
  • Bonus Amount will be credit as 50% E-Wallet and 50% B-Wallet after 20 days of Winning
  • 15% company handling charges will be applicable.
  • Trimming will be applicable if necessary.
  • Compensation income payout closing every 10th,20th,30th of every month. payout will be transferred in Banks within 3 working days.
  • You Can withdraw 3 time of your Top up Amount.
  • We does not represent that a distributor will achieve financial success without working or by relying solely on the efforts of others.
  • Matching Closing every mid-night.

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